A partnership
to power
SME Growth

A partnership to power SME growth

Propel has partnered with Barclays Bank UK PLC to help SME business customers access best-in-class asset finance services to purchase equipment and vehicles. Together, we help enable businesses to maximise their opportunities, driving productivity and performance.

If you’re an existing Barclays Business Banking customer, please get in touch with Barclays on 02476 842 200 to discuss your funding options.

If you’re new to Barclays Business Banking, please get in touch with Barclays on 0800 515 462 to see how we can help.

Subject to application, fees, terms and conditions.

Our partnership with

This collaboration is a key part of Barclays’ plans to help SMEs access fast and flexible asset finance. For Propel, it’s about broadening our reach to even more businesses across the UK. Together, we have one simple aim – we’ll get businesses moving forward with the best equipment and vehicle finance solutions.

What are the advantages to your business?

Access the latest assets immediately

Gain a competitive edge by harnessing the use of the most efficient assets available today.

Boost your cash flow

Spread your asset costs over time, simply, quickly and conveniently.

Unleash your working capital

With no need to pay for assets upfront you can unlock your capital for more profitable use in your business.

Preserve your existing credit lines

Your existing credit lines, such as bank overdrafts and loans, remain untouched and are still available for your use.

Which businesses can use asset finance?

Available to Limited Companies and PLCs, Sole Traders, Partnerships and LLPs in the UK.

Other eligible bodies include: Registered Charities, Local Authority Bodies, Clubs, Associations & Societies

Based in the UK (new businesses included).

*Subject to T&Cs

Want To Know More?

If you’re a Barclays Business Banking customer, please get in touch with

Barclays on 02476 842 200 to chat about your funding options.