Propeller Benefits

Leading edge

Propeller Benefits

One of the most valuable attributes that digital technology offers a business is to give it an edge over its competitors – something every equipment supplier needs in today’s crowded marketplace.

That’s why we have developed Propeller, the online portal created specifically to help you increase your sales and productivity and enhance your customer experience. Our revolutionary new technology will allow your team to close more sales, more quickly – and get paid faster for every finance sale.

Propel provides access to industry leading technology, a dedicated sales support service and flexible customer finance to support your sales, offering instant credit approval decisions with our Propeller partner portal.

The advanced functionality of Propeller
transforms existing supplier finance processes:

Accelerated, automated end-to-end processing

Instant quotes

Immediate auto-decisions

Automated pre-credit clearance functionality

Auto-populated documents and letter generation

Digital signature delivery

Real-time management information

Simple and intuitive user experience

Easy customer onboarding

Streamlined pipeline management

CRM integration (via secure API Key)

Sales support connectivity

Instant query reports

Real-time status updates

Full audit trail

Isn’t it time you powered up your business with Propeller?

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