Garage Equipment

The garage equipment market has been boosted by a number of factors, not least the increasing demand for used vehicles, stringent emission regulations and rising vehicle inspection requirements, as well as the need to adopt new technological innovations and advancements.

With this flurry of new automotive equipment entering the market, lease finance for this sector is increasing as the independent garage sector steps up to meet growing consumer demand.

As proud members of the Garage Equipment Association, our automotive knowledge spans the provision of finance for cars and commercial vehicles to the technical garage equipment that keeps businesses on the road to success.

  • Strong automotive industry finance experience and credentials
  • Competitive rates and flexible terms
  • Flexibility in financing older equipment / assets due to our inhouse lending line
  • Refinance of equipment and assets on finance with other lenders
  • Finance for all types of garage equipment / related assets

Looking to rev up your garage equipment requirements?

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  • Equipment we finance includes:

    • Air compressors
    • ATL test lanes
    • Automated testing facility (ATF Lanes)
    • Axle stands
    • Brake testers
    • Crypton gas & smoke emission analysers
    • Emissions and diagnostic
    • Jacking equipment
    • Lubrication equipment
    • MOT Bays
    • Tyre changing machines
    • Vehicle lifts
    • Wheel balancers
    • And much more


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