Where Culture Meets Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis of a nature and a scale that individuals, families and businesses have never had to confront before. As the UK government announced another period of lockdown, life returning to ’normal’ still seems some way off.

Life under lockdown has, of course, presented new challenges for us all. Like all businesses, we have had to adapt quickly to remote working. There is no doubt that our culture and values have helped us to meet this and other challenges along the way.


This is not just a business story; it is above all a personal story. The support, commitment and enthusiasm that each and every individual member of our team has shown while working remotely to support our clients has been nothing less than inspirational. It underlines why Propel is such a great place to be.


Our collective spirit has enabled us to tackle some tough problems and to look ahead to provide solutions. From having a person to speak to about complex business challenges, to help in the form of payment holidays, our team has been working tirelessly to support our business customers, bringing us closer than ever before.


What we are most proud of and encouraged by is the spirit of humanity we encounter every day from our fantastic staff, clients and vendors.

Clients have been helping us to help them power ahead by picking up the phone and discussing their situations openly with us. Together, we are creating solutions.

We have also been humbled by and are extremely proud of both our clients and vendors, a number of whom have been working to support Britain’s NHS Heroes by supplying transport and making vital equipment. During this time, we have also taken great care to ensure that we continue to look after, preserve and protect our own supply-chain partners.

While this pandemic continues to involve many challenges and sacrifices, let’s all work together to come out of this stronger.

If you are concerned and need to speak to us, please call your normal contact
within Propel or ring us on 01633 982960 or email us on
[email protected] and we will do our utmost to assist.

Stay safe and well.

Jon Maycock
Commercial Director