Asset Refinance


Unleash the cash
tied up in your


Asset Refinance


How Asset Refinance works

Asset Refinance is a highly effective way for businesses to free up the cash tied up in their existing business assets.


With Asset Refinance, we purchase your equipment, plant and machinery or vehicles for an agreed value and then finance the asset(s) back to you for a fixed monthly payment. You continue to benefit from the efficiency and productivity of using your assets, while generating additional cash for your business needs and expansion plans.


In circumstances where you have purchased assets within the last 6 months, an Asset Refinance solution could effectively ‘refund’ up to 100% of the net purchase cost of your equipment.


Advantages of Asset Refinance

Turn your business assets into cash

Receive a lump sum quickly, easily and cost-effectively

Invest in your business

Use the funds generated to smooth out cash flow, drive expansion and acquisitions

Exclusive use

Gain all of the benefits that come with using the asset, without disruption to your business

Budget with confidence

Fixed, affordable payments make planning straightforward

Refinance single or multiple assets

Increase the level of working capital to meet your expansion plans